14 May 2009

May 2009 FFC: EYE/S

After going through a long list of possible themes for May's Flash Fiction Carnival, I chose EYE/S because I reckoned it would allow our writers the freedom to travel in whatever direction their imagination took them. Sure enough, the stories are varied and interesting.

Please read and comment on those linked to below. Be constructive and be assured that comments are moderated. Also, feel free to pose questions to the admin of this blog about the FFC and how to partake if you are so inclined.

Now then, let's go read about eyes, shall we?

Anonymous: A Matter of Perception

Terry Atkison: Eyes

Melanie Avila: Brainstorming

Barbara Quesnell: Eyes

Benjamin Solah: Blank Eyes

Synchronistic Catalyst: Eyes

Pamela Twining: The Cave

Pamela Twining: Vision Quest

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