09 February 2009

Welcome Flash Writers & Readers!

This blog is the home away from home for members of the Flash Fiction Carnival: Facebook Edition.

To be a member you must belong to Facebook and either be invited by an admin or recommended by someone who is already a member, preferably two or three. You do not have to be a published or professional writer or have a college degree. You do have to have more than a passing interest in writing creatively and a desire to flex those creative muscles by writing at least one themed flash fiction piece of @ 1000 words every month. You do not have to have a blog to be a member, but most do. If you don't have a blog you can post in this space per the instructions given via Facebook in group messages.

Members of the FFC:FE can post pieces anonymously or with their names. As long as they agree to leave comments open, who they are is immaterial. Comments are moderated, so flaming is not tolerated, nor are anonymous comments.

The admins of the group have limited the group to fifty members, so if you are interested in applying for admission, do so. Requesting to join does not guarantee your admission. This is a private workshop environment except for public comments which will be moderated as stated above.

The first 5-Day Theme for February 2009 is BLUES. Links and/or flashes will go up @ Valentine's Day.

Thanks for your interest in Flash Fiction Carnival: The Blog. Please feel free to visit and make comments when there are posted items.

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  1. Can't wait for the first edition. Hopefully I'll do my piece tomorrow or Thursday. I have an idea and your comments on the blues festival might have sparked part of it.


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